Corporate and Personal Taxation Services

Our firm offers Taxation Services to Companies and Individuals. Taking into consideration the Cyprus Taxation Law, in combination with Double Tax Treaties available to Cyprus Companies, and the EU directives, we provide advice and guidance on various tax matters and assistance for effective tax planning. Clients engaged in international operations need proper international tax support from their auditors. They must be able to rely on professional tax advice in order to minimize their tax burden.

Our tax services include:

assisting in the Tax Planning of International Business Companies

assisting in the set up of a Group Structure based on the tax planning of a group of companies

assisting the companies to obtain a tax ruling from the Commissioner of Income Tax in order to ensure the effective use of companies within their Group structures.

provide tax opinions on the Cypriot tax aspects of the involvement of Cypriot companies involved in cross-border transactions.

provide services related to the application of double tax treaties, including the filing of requests for residency certificates,

assisting clients with tax investigations and obtaining tax clearances from the authorities and
preparation and submission of personal and corporation tax forms;